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Category: Our Business

No, We deliver products and services worldwide. We have offices in Singapore and Europe.

Yes, Rodson Universal banks with DBS Bank Singapore and we accept letters of credit acceptable to
us and our bankers however we always insist on minimum 10% cash deposit to secure the cranes.

Yes, delivery a main part of our business we are always shipping cranes from one part of the world to
another, we can also arrange engineers to oversea re-assembly at destination for and engineers for
commissioning after arrival if needed.

Yes, Rodson Universal deal in Shipyard cranes, Port cranes, ship unloading systems overhead gantry,
cranes, floating docks jack up barges, floating cranes, SPMT and modular trailers and big piling

Yes, if we are introduced to customers and the business successful, we will pay commission that has
been agreed in advance against official invoice after full payment has been received.

Rodson Universal specialises in late model low hour cranes, buyers either send their own engineers.
to inspect the condition and operation of the cranes before they buy, or they arrange independent.
inspection by manufacturers or independent inspectorates such as SGS, ABS Germancher Lloyds or

Rodson Universal with Connie Sullivan as managing director has been in business 40 years, 12 years.
ago we moved our company to Singapore where it has certificate of good standing from Singapore

Rodson Universal and its owner and managing director Connie Sullivan have been in business a very
long time – we are not in business for quick one-off deal we are always looking and working hard for
long terms business relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Category: Our Services

We cater for customer needs. Our specialisation is in equipment like Cranes, Shipyard equipment, Port equipment, Marine equipment, Heavy Transport equipment, and Piling equipment.

Rodson Universal has a 100% delivery track record.
Rodson Universal has sold hundreds of cranes all over the world –we have never sold a crane and
not been able to deliver.

Selling and buying used mobile harbour cranes of all sizes, telescopic and crawler cranes over 350
tons all over the world to the port companies and crane rental companies in the world.

Rodson Universal is truly a worldwide global company buying and selling in every continent of the